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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Off-diet update - March 27th, 2011

Well, things are going alright so far. Weight has fluctuated a bit up and down but is maintaining right around the same spot as the weigh in, which is good. I have eaten one or two not so healthy meals but for the most part I am sticking with good stuff... some left over soup for example.

Again the end of the month approaches and I find myself strapped for diet menu cash... This has not been a good month for the diet. However, despite this I have still managed to lose weight. This is a good sign. I hope the trend continues, and as my uncle pointed out in a comment on the last weigh in, if this rate continues as is, I should hope to be down to my target weight by January. (previous inaccurate statement removed)

Thanks for reading everyone, even on these days when I'm not writing as much because of my busy schedule. Hopefully I can get some data plan back on my cell phone soon and can update from my phone instead of being a slave to the computer.

Be good humans!


  1. I didn't say 2013, I said 10 more months from this month. That would be January 2012, which if I'm not mistaken is your goal date for loosing 200 lbs. Right?

  2. What's the difference in budget for the "diet menu" verses "whatever else you would eat"... in dollars please?

  3. I'll make the correction; math is not my strong suit.

    As far as budget for diet menu vs. "whatever else", the ingredients for the soup alone generally range about $25-30 per batch, and some of the days worth of the meals can easily add up to $15. If I'm lucky I can defray some of those costs when possible but trying to budget on slim tip weeks and slim tip months is hard to do.

    As far as the "Whatever else", a deli pizza from Winco for example can last two days and cost $6, as an example. Microwave dinners for a buck each. One of the common things I hear about dieting is that it's more expensive to eat healthier, but I have to admit that it's worth the expense.