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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day Five - March 19th, 2011

Well, today will be remembered for some special events, but not relating to my diet, save one. For kicks I weighed myself this afternoon and the scale tipped at 379. Progress!

I really didn't eat hardly anything today; I just wasn't hungry. I had my 12-oz petite sirloin and a big can of whole stewed tomatoes, along with a glass of ice water (seen below), and then a bowl of soup when I got home. Well, ok, I'm still working on it as I type.

In a short bit I'll be preparing some food for tomorrow, and have the next couple meals planned out already! Lots of soup to be eaten in the next two days though. That's alright, it won't be a problem!

Thanks, and I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Beat L.A.!

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  1. This is really your uncle paul. I'll be watching the game. Keep up the steady progress!