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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day Seven - March 21st, 2011


I was pretty bad today, but for good reason.

I made all my food up last night in advance for my day today. But unfortunately I discovered today that the soup is awful cold and that the rice is pretty hard to eat when it's cold as well, and the teriyaki not as flavorful when cold, and it basically made the whole batch of rice and broccoli stick together in one hard-to-break clump. At least I had the snow peas and celery sticks.

I had some water, and some pineapple juice, and then some black coffee to stay warm (first a venti cup from Starbucks, which was awful, and then some free coffee from Stumptown provided by the Timbers for those in line). But then they also handed out slices of Papa Murphy's, and after smelling the slices of Hot Lips pizza all day and being fairly hungry I took a small slice of plain cheese when they came by... I regretted it about five seconds after I finished it, but it was warm and I was cold.

After getting home I warmed up the rice, added some sweet chili sauce, and I've eaten about half of it, and still have soup to eat. But it was a good day overall, and the weigh-in is first thing tomorrow morning. It's a good thing my weight is back down again, but we'll find out just how far tomorrow!


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