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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day Two: March 16th, 2011

Today was a bit of a down day for me... Not that I didn't adhere to the plan, but just I wasn't really all that hungry.

I ate a 1 lb bag of baby carrots at the office today, and that got me through the work day. I tried heating up my soup twice, but I didn't get around to eating it until around the time I got home. On the way home I stopped and got the tomatoes for Steak day, and the skim milk for 'nanner day, and some more veggies to eat both today and tomorrow. I also got a half head of cabbage, for Sunday, meat day #2 (gonna have corned beef and cabbage a few days late, but it will be worth it. Saint Patty's day is tomorrow, but I'm still going to have my Irish meal. Too bad no potatoes though! )

When I got home, while heating up the soup, I started the oven and put my potato in there to bake. That was just before 6. I went over to visit my best friend and see his new baby, and then came home and had the potato with some garlic butter, along with some raw broccoli, cauliflower, and baby carrots. I would have used chives again but apparently they'd been in the fridge too long and started to spoil.

No salt or pepper though, as I forgot and was nearly finished with the potato by the time I'd thought of it. How sad! In place of the chives I put a small sprinkle of a 6-cheese blend on the top, the cheese being left over from the wraps I'd been making over the last half week of the extremely extended off-time. It was ok, but next time I'll make sure to have fresh chives or some extra green onion around. After baking for 3 hours, a little longer than intended, the skin was nice and crispy!

I've drank a lot of water and tea today, and a bit of no-sugar-added apple juice as well. I'm needing more fruit juice I think to help along, because it tastes better than water, of which I already drink tons of.

That's it for today. I'm hoping tomorrow goes much better. I'm almost out of soup so I'll have to make the 2nd half of the batch tomorrow night after class!

Thanks for reading everybody! Cheers!

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