Welcome to my Weight Loss journey. Travel with me!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Day Six - February 28th, 2011

I'm feeling a bit better today, but not much. Hopefully I've broken the fever.

I was feeling so out of it this morning I stayed in bed until I absolutely had to get up and in the shower for work. I only was at work for an hour, to cover while the boss was at an appointment, but then I came home and cooked up my chicken drumsticks, each liberally seasoned with the honey lime rub. After baking for 40 minutes, they were done, and I was able to enjoy 5 of the 6 before I had to leave for a brief visit to my uncle's for a budget approval.

After leaving my uncle's I stopped at two Walmarts, mostly because the first wouldn't price match the heater I was buying, so I had to stop at the one back over the river to get the deal. Then I stopped to get the ingredients for the "glaze" for my salmon, but the store that carries them only had one of the two, so I had to stop by Fred Meyer and get a substitute (which was not nearly as good, but I made do). I made the mixture and spread it over the top of the salmon fillet, Coho for those who are wondering, and folded it up in a foil "boat", with some chardonnay in the bottom for extra flavor, and foil crimped over the top.

Fresh from the....well, oven.

Dinner is served!

I baked it for 25 minutes, and then another 10 with the cover off. I could only eat about half. I also had some steamed brussel sprouts with a light sprinkling of garlic salt. While the fish was cooking I also had a bowl of soup.

I really didn't eat that much today, and I think it's mostly due to the fact that my throat hurts some still and I just don't feel good. I'm sure on rice day tomorrow I'll do better, if I feel better.

On the bright side, I weighed in this morning, and even though it's not an official weigh-in, I'm proud to report that since the first weighing on this crusade I am down 15 lbs! I've also had a couple people tell me I look like I've lost some weight so far; not sure if they're saying this to boost my confidence or if it's true, but I hope it's the latter, as my jeans feel quite a bit looser now than they did two and a half-ish weeks ago. Yay me!

Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words everyone. It means a lot to me to know you're all rooting for me. I won't let you down!

PS - Pictures to come probably tomorrow of meals and such. I think you'll enjoy seeing them. (and hope they look as tasty as they were!)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day Five - February 27th, 2011

Well, I'm assuming I'm coming down with the flu, but I'm still making an effort.

I was feeling so yucky that I didn't eat anything at all today until my break at work. I cooked my steak and opened my cans of stewed tomatoes, and enjoyed them while the night was slow. I have yet to eat my bowl of soup for the day, but it's in the microwave as I type so I'll go knock that off quickly.

After the soup, I'm going to go smear some Vapo-rub on my chest and throat, down a dose of Nyquil, and get some sleep. I got called in to the office tomorrow to cover for a bit, so I need to be well rested.

Tomorrow I've got chicken and salmon to eat, as well as some veggies, so I'm looking forward to that.

I have pictures of a couple of the meals I've had this week that I'll get up eventually. Make sure you check back. The steak and tomatoes picture tonight was a good one.

Day Four - February 26th, 2011

This one's a late post, so I'll make it quick.

Got to sleep in today, and when I woke up starting digging in to the bananas. I must have eaten about 6 of them by one. Had a pint of skim milk, and then had another two bananas before work.

Took a double bowl of soup with me to work. I was feeling pretty weak and cold all day, and it didn't really improve at work. Well, until I took a dose of Dayquil. That stuff helped out a lot. I had two bananas at work, and then near the end of the night I went and had my soup, with some creamy horseradish and some Worcestershire sauce for flavoring. Not bad... well, the horseradish anyways. I couldn't taste the Worcestershire at all.

After work, I finished off the half gallon of skim milk. Then, as I am my coworker Joe's ride home on the weekends, he wanted to stop and have a beer and play the safari shooting game. As I can't have alcohol while on the diet week, I declined at first, then decided I could have water instead. We played one game of the safari game, and then he shot some pool with one of the guys in the bar he knew.

I dropped him off, did some shopping at Walmart (needed some throat spray and washing machine cleaner), and then came home. I'm finishing off the last 3 bananas now.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. Couple bowls of soup, the canned stewed tomatoes, and STEAK!!! So excited!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day Three - February 25th, 2011

Today was a meager day food intake-wise, and that's fine with me. The sum of my intake is 3 Fuji apples, two bowls of soup, one bunch of celery cut into sticks, and the remainder of my grapes from Day One.

I had to work tonight, and it went over my scheduled shift so I didn't get much snacking in, nor did I get to eat soup when I was hungry.

I had to make the 2nd half of my soup today, as last night I was able to empty my cooking vessel. I seasoned it well, let it sit overnight, and then started the soup at about 1pm. I added a bit more of my new vegetable soup concentrate to it this time, so it has a bit darker color, but still is good.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, because tomorrow is the diet week's Hump Day. Bananas and skim milk, and the soup of course. But all I know is that when I wake up on Sunday after dining on nothing but soup and bananas all day Saturday, my mind will be on one thing and one thing only: Steak. Mmmm.

Sorry for the less-than-detailed post you've become accustomed to. I promise I'll make tomorrow's as detailed as possible regarding my bananas and skim milk.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day Two - February 24th, 2011

Well, today has been a bit easier on the diet front than it was last time. Part of it, I think, is because I wasn't as rushed or busy this time around due to being at the other job.

Today was our bookkeeper's birthday lunch, and so I went lite on the food I brought in to work today. A 1lb bag of baby carrots and a big bowl of soup with the sweet chili sauce mixed in. I managed to put those away before we left for lunch at just before one.

At lunch, which was at Who-song and Larry's, there really wasn't much of a selection for vegetable-only meals. I ended up going with their grilled chicken taco salad, which really had a lot of vegetables; romaine lettuce, avocado (I have avocado plain, but mixed in with this salad it wasn't bad/couldn't taste it, haha), pico de gallo, grilled chicken and a dusting of jack cheese (the two major departures from today's plan, but they didn't offer a meat-less variety and the cheese wasn't really that much of a quantity), and a couple of corn tortilla strips. Corn is a vegetable, right? Coupled with two large glasses of ice water and the small bite of the birthday girl's flan that was forced on me (ok, I gave in afterwards, but I wasn't the only one!), all in all it was a good, healthy meal.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Came home and listened to all the results of the last-minute trades in the NBA before the deadline, then went to watch my all-time favorite movie in a theater, as it was playing and was the only opportunity for me, then went shopping on the way home for foods for the next few days. I got the potato for tonight's dinner, some more fruit for tomorrow's menu, bananas for Saturday (still need skim milk though), bought my steak for Sunday's dinner (need the canned tomatoes still), and some chicken drumsticks and a nice piece of wild-caught salmon for Monday.

Came home, popped my potato into the oven for 2+ hours, heated up a bowl of soup with a bit of the sweet chili sauce in it, and at the 2 hour mark for the potato started steaming some brussel sprouts and asparagus to go with the potato.


I'm gonna need to look into alternatives to Muchas Gracias hot sauces and sweet chili sauce... Maybe a curry powder or something? I'll accept ideas, try them out, and pass on if they work or not.

All in all, a good day, and another good day on the road to a slimmer me. Have a good night everyone!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day One - February 23rd, 2011

Well, back to the routine, eh?

Brought in a big bowl of cut up honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon to snack on, as well as a giant bunch of grapes. Soup too, of course. 3 bowls worth. I ate the cut up fruit and about half of the soup before I left work at two.

Before my class tonight I finished off the soup and started to snack on the grapes. I added a bit of sweet chili sauce to the soup this time around and it wasn't half bad. The grapes I managed to get about 2/3 of the way through with before I was out of class.

I got a surprise tonight and was able to attend the Blazer game vs. the HATED LA Lakers when my best friend called and informed me he had a spare ticket, which he left in will-call for me. Normally at a Blazer game I'll have a beer or two and some food, usually a burger with fries or some of the barbeque that they have there. I didn't have anything at all.

I finished off most of the grapes when I got back to the car, and on the way home picked up some veggies for tomorrow, sans potato. I figure I'll get that tomorrow.

That's it for now... I'll probably cut up some celery sticks tomorrow after work and snack on those, since I have a bunch of celery still to use.

Week 2 Official Weigh-in (pre-diet week)

Previous Weight: 398.3 lbs
Current Weight: 388.9 lbs
+/-: -9.4 lbs

This weight loss being on my off-diet days... I'm excited!

4/24/2011 Update: as a math error was pointed out to me, after consulting my spreadsheet, which is the accurate tracker I have corrected the original weigh-in weight. Sorry for any confusion. For a full explanation please see the original weigh-in post.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Diet Week Eve - February 22nd, 2011

Well, the half batch of diet soup is ready, and fruit is ready for tomorrow as well. I'm ready to make this happen!

After delaying the start of week 2 an extra 24 hours, I'm excited to begin again. I'm really looking forward to seeing how big of a change I can make in a week's time, since I didn't know where I was starting from the last time around.

The loss continues; this morning when I weighed in I was down 5 lbs from the official weigh in. I'm really happy for that. I hope that it continues.

I did have a beer tonight; 1 light beer, so it could have been much worse, but I wanted to relax a bit... not to mention it was going to go to waste and it would be a "crime" to let it haha!

Anywho, here's to a successful week 2!

Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21st, 2011 - Off-time Update

This extended off time has made some of my regular posting somewhat sparse, so please forgive me.

I am delighted to inform you all that as of this morning my weight has dropped in the off time by 2 lbs, despite my eating what I would consider "normal" food. I have had in the last couple days some cream-based soup, a fish burrito with shredded lettuce/cabbage (not sure) and pico de gallo, baked breaded chicken, corned beef hash and eggs, a "breakfast sandwich" and hashbrowns (my worst meal of the off-time, in my opinion), a personal-sized pizza with lots of veggies and garlic, a bowl of cheerios, some pad thai, and a taco salad that was heavy on the veggies and very light on the beef, cheese, and beans. What I am most proud of, however, is that I have had no alcohol in this period. I have craved a beer at times, but I have not had one. Perhaps after the next week! (Not that I drink a lot, but one does like to have a drink from time to time, a "craving" if you will that only grows when you know you can't have it)

I am preparing to start the new diet week again, and was planning on starting tomorrow, Tuesday, but plans which I had scheduled for this evening have been pushed back until tomorrow, which unfortunately means pushing back the start of Week 2 until the next day, Wednesday. I am a bit miffed about this but it is out of my hands at this point.

If I continue to drop small amounts of weight in the next 48 hours I suppose I'll be ok with the delay. I am choosing to eat better food for the most part, loading up veggies as much as possible and avoiding foods high in fat as much as possible.

Thank you all again for helping me along in this journey, and for your encouraging words both here and on my Facebook. Wednesday morning I'll do the official weigh-in prior to starting the diet again, and we'll go from there!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 18th, 2011 - Checking in

It's the end of my second off-day. Because I have a couple things happening over the weekend the diet will resume on Tuesday.

The weigh-in earlier scared me, mostly because my weight is higher than I expected it to be by quite a lot. I know that last year while I was working on the car lots my weight had dropped considerably due to the change in my diet (less caloric intake and better eating habits). I really haven't changed that much since leaving, although I think that perhaps being back to work at Smokey's might have something to do with it.

I do watch what I eat there most of the time, and try to have as many non-fried foods as possible while I'm there, but it's not always easy. But still, it's hard to believe that 6 months of working 2 days a week, occasionally more, could result in a drastic gain, but yet that's what it appears to be.

Well, here's looking at better living from now on. More healthy eating and exercise and less unhealthy eating and being lazy.

To quote the fictionalized former Vice President Al Gore: "Excelsior!" (bonus points if you can tell me where this fictional quote came from!)

Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18th, 2011 - Official Weigh-in

Sorry for the messy bathroom counter.

Weight: 398.3 lbs.

This is much, much worse than I thought. Higher than I expected. However, knowing my weight now only increases my desire to reach my goal of 215.

Update: After I was up and moving around the scale dropped down a couple pounds to 391.0. Better, but still worse than I expected.

4/24/2011 Update: After someone pointed out to me that my math was not correct, I went back and checked my spreadsheet which is tracking my weigh ins. I had a dyslexic moment, where instead of the accurate (spreadsheet version, which I made immediately after weighing myself) weight of 398.3 lbs., I entered it on here as 393.8 lbs. This has been corrected now.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17th 2011 - Diet plan revealed

I've been asked by many people about my diet. They want to know how it works. So I am putting it up on here, word for word, for anyone who is interested!

February 17th, 2011 - Weigh in results delayed

Yes, sad but true. Due to technical difficulties, meaning the batteries in my scale were dead, I was unable to weigh myself this morning as promised. Weigh in has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Feb. 18th.

ALSO - Looking for feedback on this, as posted on my Facebook: In the photos taken for this blog, should they be taken wearing a tank top or shirtless? I have no problem with either, but wanted my readers' opinions. Please reply in the comments.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day Seven - February 16th, 2011

Well, friends, the week has reached it's end. I have made it through the entire week, except for the next couple hours. I still have soup to eat, having had only one big bowl of my remaining supply today, but I will finish it.

Today was pretty good. Once again I awoke without being tired, although later in the day I started to feel a bit sleepy. I brought a double bowl of soup to work with me to eat, which I did around 1:30, the earliest I've eaten in the last several days.

When I got home, I made myself some brown rice. Today it says to stuff myself on soup and rice, and so I've attempted to do. I also added some steamed broccoli to my last batch of rice. I've also flavored it with some sweet chili sauce, which is good, but perhaps I'll also have to look into some spicy teriyaki perhaps.

This week has been a good learning experience for me. I know now that I can do this diet with ease. With all of you supporting me and following up on my progress, I feel confident that I can reach my goals.

I'm looking forward to the next few days, not just because I can have some "real" food again, but because I can take and see what exactly my previous eating habits does to me, both in how it affects my weight and also how it affects my energy levels. I really haven't felt this energized in a long time. Now, this doesn't mean I'm going completely back to my old eating habits for the off days, so don't worry there.

Thank you again for being a part of this blog. Your comments have been great so far, and I hope to hear from more of you as this goes on. At my last check, people from 12 different US states and 2 foreign countries are following me on this journey. I'm thankful for all of your well wishes and your encouragement.

I can't have alcohol til the early hours of Saturday, so I'll just hoist my imaginary glass of champagne and say Cheers! to getting this first week out of the way.

In the morning I will have my official weigh in, which I will post before going to work. Later in the day, as promised via Facebook, I shall post the diet for anyone interested in trying it, word for word.

Thanks again for a great week!

Day Six - February 15th, 2011

Today was another good day for me. Woke up and wasn't tired. Got to work a few minutes early (not really enough to make a big difference but still early). My appetite was nil until about 3pm. Came home, then ran a couple errands, then returned and baked up a couple chicken breasts, each one seasoned differently.

A few hours later, when I was hungry again, I baked up the last of the chicken breasts. Seasoned them again differently than before, and enjoyed them as well. I still need soup before bed, so I better go get that as soon as this is posted.

I've been drinking quite a bit of water today, and had some tea at the office.

Tomorrow is the last day of the diet week, and Thursday I'll weigh myself to find out where I'm at after a week on this diet.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day Five - February 14th, 2011

Let me say this once, and then I'll leave it alone: I hate Valentine's Day. Ok, on with the blog.

I got to sleep in again today, as I have the day off. Last night on my way home from work I bought pretty much the rest of what I needed to finish out the week.

Went out and ran some shopping errands with my sister, and then picked up my paycheck. Total food consumed: 3 slices of tomato. I just wasn't hungry. When we got home, that's when I cracked open the first can of tomatoes, and snacked on them while listening to the first half of the Blazer game. Going into the second half, opened the 2nd and polished them off. The diet says one can, but it doesn't say what size, and considering the alternative is 5 fresh tomatoes, I figured 2 regular sized cans of stewed tomatoes would be ok. I'll double check though.

After the game was over, the moment I've been waiting for since Thursday: STEAK. It had been flavoring for almost 48 hours, and once my cast-iron skillet was heated, I threw that sucker in there. Ssssss......listening to the meat sizzle on the hot metal was amazing, and the smell was to die for. Couple minutes on one side, salt and pepper added, flipped for another few minutes, salt and pepper added, and bam. Done. Little overcooked for my taste (I like medium rare on the rare side), but still tender, juicy, and delicious. Side of corn with a little butter (looks like more than it was) and some salt & pepper. A-mazing! I still have to have one bowl (at the minimum) of soup tonight, but that can wait a bit still.

So far on this diet, now five days in, I am actually feeling better, like more energized. I don't feel tired like I used to. This is a good thing. With the exception of the pain in my lower back, I haven't felt this good in a long time. I hope this keeps up.

I am eager (and also apprehensive, obviously)  to have my official weigh-in at the end of the week and find out where I stand after one week on the diet, and then go from there, weighing in before I go on the diet week again and when the week is up, day one of the off-diet time.

Two more days left, and more meat tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it!

Thanks again for the feedback. I appreciate it, and hope you'll keep leaving it!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day Four - February 13th, 2011

Today is kind of a good day for me, as far as the diet goes. Hump day. Now starts the part of the diet that I won't mind as much, with the exception of the skim milk: Foods I actually LIKE to eat. Bananas. Meat. Rice. I can do this!

According to the plan, by yesterday I should have lost 5-7 lbs already. I don't know, as I am operating week one under poor planning, but I do feel better, and seem to have more energy, another promised byproduct of this diet.

Today's meal selection: bananas, skim milk, and of course, the soup. I'm gonna eat what's left of my soup tonight at work (well, what's left of what I took with me the other night anyways), and eat bananas before hand. I've already had 5 as of the time I'm typing this paragraph, and have a bunch more to look forward to. I may even have to buy more before the day is out!

Chalk up another lesson learned: skim milk is still gross, even if you drink it with a mouthful of bananas. I've never liked it. I've always thought it tasted somewhat sour and bitter compared with the 2% and 1% I'm used to drinking. However, as it's part of the diet plan, I bought some and have forced 2 glasses down my throat to this point, with another couple before work hopefully. I'll take the jug with me to work tonight and try and finish it off.

I ate two bananas straight off when I was out on my first delivery run, both after the deliveries had taken place. I kinda wondered what people thought seeing a pizza guy in a big van eating a banana. I'd laugh, personally. I also had a big glass of my skim milk. I finished the rest of the bananas fairly early on, and had to buy 5 more (I figure that's enough to get me through the end of the night). Ran into my best friend's dad when I entered the store, which was funny cuz I parked next to his truck and thought "that looks like _______'s truck" (name withheld for privacy).

I finished of the container of soup on my 'lunch' break, and then had 2 more bananas before the end of work, as well as the rest of the milk. Since I've been home, I've eaten one more, leaving me two to finish off before bed.

I'm so looking forward to tomorrow. I get to snack on soup, tomatoes, and for dinner, STEAK!!! I can't wait!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for taking your time to read my blog. I hope you keep reading it, and keeping me accountable on this diet. Please follow it if you want.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day Three - February 12th, 2011

I love sleeping in.

Today so far has been pretty good. Woke up late and have been taking it easy until now, when I have to start getting ready for work. I've had two Fuji apples and the rest of my strawberries so far, but no soup yet. I figure I'll do that at work when I can.

This isn't as bad as I thought. I'm not hungry at all, considering I'm really not eating anything particularly filling or in large quantities. I'm also consuming less calories than it is taking to digest the calories I'm eating, so that aids in the weight loss. I can eat as much as I want from my planned meals, but I really am not wanting much, esp. when I'm busy. This isn't so bad.

I grabbed another apple on my way out the door. I got to work and started snacking on my big ol' bag of veggies on my first delivery run. It was a pretty long one, so it was no surprise that half the bag was demolished before I got back. I started working at 5, and by 7:30 the bag was empty, so I think it was mission accomplished. I also cut up an apple and took it on the road with me as well.

I was done at almost 10pm, and heated up a bowl of the soup and peeled one of the oranges we serve with the beer. I don't know how fresh the orange was but it was a little on the mushy side, so it wasn't that fulfilling. The soup was good, however; added about 8 dashes of Tabasco to it so it had a nice burn.

Got my bananas and my skim milk (blech!) for tomorrow, as well as a nice ribeye steak for Monday night (and I'm pre-seasoning it tonight with a nice garlic mesquite rub, gonna let it sit and soak in for nearly 2 days) and some boneless chicken breasts for Tuesday. I will probably get some fish to go with the chicken for Tuesday's menu, as it's the big meat day. I will also need a can of tomatoes for Monday, and some brown rice for Wednesday.

All in all, third day in, this diet is going well. Things I've learned so far: raw broccoli has a funky texture if you're not dipping it in something, raw cauliflower is pretty tasty, and cats don't like strawberries.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day Two - February 11th, 2011

Well, today I enjoyed a day off, meaning I slept in. I haven't really been hungry at all today, but I have put away a bowl of soup so far, and I'll probably take some to work with me tonight to have afterwards. I can snack on veggies while I'm there, as well, and probably "steal" a potato; I get to have a baked potato!

I've got lots of celery, and a bag of mixed veggies (carrots, broccoli and cauliflower), which will last me both today and tomorrow. So far I feel fantastic, and this seems like it will be a great diet. Not too boring, and it actually isn't really withholding anything from me, as long as I keep to the schedule.

At work tonight things started off kinda slowly so I grabbed some cut up celery, cauliflower and carrots from the cooler and snacked on them for most of the first hour. Then it got busy. Towards the end of my shift I wrapped a potato in foil and tossed it in the back of the oven, cooking it for an hour. (note to self: cook for an hour and a half next time!)

While I waited for the potato after I clocked out, I heated up a bowl of soup and made a veggie plate, with carrots, celery, broccoli, and cauliflower. Finished that all just in time for the potato to come out of the oven. I opened up the potato, kinda mashed up the insides (which is how I realize I need to cook it longer next time), and then went to the back and put the butter on it. Salt and pepper followed, and then I added a small amount of diced green onion. Not sure if that's part of the diet, but hey, green onions are green, leafy vegetables aren't they?

The potato was awesome. Definitely worth the wait. Drank big glasses of water, so like 6 or 7 cups in all, and then came home.

Tomorrow is fruits and veggies, and I have some celery and apples, plus watermelon and grapes at work.

On a side note, it was really hard working tonight, because I was working in the kitchen and all the food smelled and looked so good.... I've been working around it for 10 years now, and it's never once smelled and looked that good; one wonders if it's because I know I can't have it? I do know, however, I am going to order, during my off diet time, a Hot Oven Combo with jalapenos on top. Why? Because a guy ordered it tonight, and it smelled freaking amazing, that's why. Either that or a pizza with tons of garlic. I wish I could have garlic on this diet....

More tomorrow! Leave any feedback or encouragement in the comments!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day One - February 10th, 2011


So I'm David. Some of you know me. Others don't. I am what is commonly known as the fat guy. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about; everyone knows the fat guy.

I am not starting this off on a great note, as I did not have a formal weigh-in to begin this diet, but I have an idea and it's not pretty.

My diet is the Sacred Heart Diet. It is a one week soup-based diet used at the Sacred Heart Memorial hospital to help prepare overweight patients for surgery. THIS IS NOT AN EVERY-DAY 365 DAYS A YEAR DIET. There are daily diets that must be strictly followed, incorporating fruits, veggies, and meat. No bread, alcohol, or At the end of a week, the fat guy expects to see 10-17 lbs. weight loss. The way I am planning on doing this diet is one week on, and about 3 days off, followed by another week. We'll see how this goes.

My Target Weight is 215 lbs. Underneath my flabby exterior is a fairly muscle-y guy, used to carrying a lot of weight, so I feel anything under 200 is not going to be ideal. Once I get closer to that weight I'll make a final judgement. My goal: Lose over 100 lbs by the end of the year 2011, and be within 50 lbs of my target weight by summer 2012. Meaning I'll look good when the world ends that December. So: here goes:


Made up the batch of soup last night so it would be ready tomorrow. Couldn't find my stock pot so I had to essentially make condensed soup. Also bought some cut up cantaloupe and some strawberries for the Day 1 menu.

Got to work today at ten, and had to wait in the car til the boss arrived, as I forgot my office keys. The cantaloupe didn't make it past 11:30. Heated up a bowl of the soup, after adding water to it, and ate it. Needs some salt, pepper, or hot sauce, but overall it isn't bland or bad tasting. The amount of veggies makes it a rather chunky soup.

Started in on the strawberries around 12:30. By the time I left at 3, half of them were gone, along with another bowl of soup. Had some water, but need to drink at least 8 glasses a day (not unusual for me).

Once I got home, I putzed around on my laptop for a while, and had another, bigger bowl of soup with some salt, pepper, and a couple dashes of Tapatio hot sauce. It added some flavor, but not quite what I was looking for.

At 9:45 I decided I'd finish off my last un-Tupperware'd bowl of soup, so I heated that up after adding water and then added salt, pepper, and one container of the green hot sauce from Muchas Gracias. PERFECT!!!

I'll end up finishing the strawberries for dessert.

I have also decided that for breakfast on my first non-diet day I am going to have my last can of corned beef hash with 2 eggs. Covered in Tapatio sauce. Mmmm.... Gotta figure out what else to have for the 3 days... suggestions for healthy food that's high in protein (no perverted suggestions, please)? Risotto sounds good as a side.