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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day Four - February 26th, 2011

This one's a late post, so I'll make it quick.

Got to sleep in today, and when I woke up starting digging in to the bananas. I must have eaten about 6 of them by one. Had a pint of skim milk, and then had another two bananas before work.

Took a double bowl of soup with me to work. I was feeling pretty weak and cold all day, and it didn't really improve at work. Well, until I took a dose of Dayquil. That stuff helped out a lot. I had two bananas at work, and then near the end of the night I went and had my soup, with some creamy horseradish and some Worcestershire sauce for flavoring. Not bad... well, the horseradish anyways. I couldn't taste the Worcestershire at all.

After work, I finished off the half gallon of skim milk. Then, as I am my coworker Joe's ride home on the weekends, he wanted to stop and have a beer and play the safari shooting game. As I can't have alcohol while on the diet week, I declined at first, then decided I could have water instead. We played one game of the safari game, and then he shot some pool with one of the guys in the bar he knew.

I dropped him off, did some shopping at Walmart (needed some throat spray and washing machine cleaner), and then came home. I'm finishing off the last 3 bananas now.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. Couple bowls of soup, the canned stewed tomatoes, and STEAK!!! So excited!

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