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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day Three - February 12th, 2011

I love sleeping in.

Today so far has been pretty good. Woke up late and have been taking it easy until now, when I have to start getting ready for work. I've had two Fuji apples and the rest of my strawberries so far, but no soup yet. I figure I'll do that at work when I can.

This isn't as bad as I thought. I'm not hungry at all, considering I'm really not eating anything particularly filling or in large quantities. I'm also consuming less calories than it is taking to digest the calories I'm eating, so that aids in the weight loss. I can eat as much as I want from my planned meals, but I really am not wanting much, esp. when I'm busy. This isn't so bad.

I grabbed another apple on my way out the door. I got to work and started snacking on my big ol' bag of veggies on my first delivery run. It was a pretty long one, so it was no surprise that half the bag was demolished before I got back. I started working at 5, and by 7:30 the bag was empty, so I think it was mission accomplished. I also cut up an apple and took it on the road with me as well.

I was done at almost 10pm, and heated up a bowl of the soup and peeled one of the oranges we serve with the beer. I don't know how fresh the orange was but it was a little on the mushy side, so it wasn't that fulfilling. The soup was good, however; added about 8 dashes of Tabasco to it so it had a nice burn.

Got my bananas and my skim milk (blech!) for tomorrow, as well as a nice ribeye steak for Monday night (and I'm pre-seasoning it tonight with a nice garlic mesquite rub, gonna let it sit and soak in for nearly 2 days) and some boneless chicken breasts for Tuesday. I will probably get some fish to go with the chicken for Tuesday's menu, as it's the big meat day. I will also need a can of tomatoes for Monday, and some brown rice for Wednesday.

All in all, third day in, this diet is going well. Things I've learned so far: raw broccoli has a funky texture if you're not dipping it in something, raw cauliflower is pretty tasty, and cats don't like strawberries.

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