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Friday, March 18, 2011

Day Three: March 17th, 2011

Not being able to eat the traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner and sip on some Irish whisky stinks!

Not a lot to report today. I ate the rest of my veggies at work today, and almost all the grapes. I didn't have any soup until I got home from class tonight, and afterwards started the next batch because I only have about a bowl and a half left of the first round.

I am thinking I need to consult with a nutritionist to find out if I should add more meat to my diet aside from the prescribed amount. I'm concerned that once I start the weights again that my body won't be getting enough protein. Of course, I could supplement that with some soy or whey protein, but I'd rather have some chicken instead; it tastes better!

I am proud to report that since I started this blog it has gained readers in 24 states in the US as well as the capitol, and in a total of 6 countries. Thank you all for reading, and I appreciate the comments you leave as well, both of advice and of encouragement. I am very blessed to have you all as friends, family, or just in my life in general.

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