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Friday, May 27, 2011

Day Six - May 26th, 2011

Well, today was yet another day closer to being skinny, and it felt good.

Meat and veggie day, my 2nd favorite day of the diet week. And it was a great one. I was off to the office this morning and enjoyed a nice lunch of chicken with some "special sauce" and a bit of spicy teriyaki plus a bunch of steamed veggies. It was extremely tasty. I've figured that by upping the temperature of the food with hot sauces it will help fuel my metabolism and help kick this diet into overdrive. Will it reflect in the final standings? We'll see.

After work and school, I stopped off to buy food for dinner. I had a couple bratwursts while dinner thawed and flavored, and carmelized some onions to go along with them. Top them off with a bit of sweet hot mustard and they were quite yummy. No buns, of course! I paired this with a small chicken Caesar salad, no croutons and light dressing.

For dinner, I had a chicken breast that marinated in Worcesterchire sauce, a spritz of olive oil, some minced garlic, and a couple sprigs of fresh-cut rosemary from my parent's house. They marinated vacuum-sealed for about 3 hours, and then I baked the chicken with the rosemary sprigs on top for about a half hour. Just the right amount of time too. I made two just in case I was still hungry, but I'm still full and so I'm saving the second for lunch on Saturday. Paired with some corn with a bit of butter and some salt and pepper, and it was a great meal. One bowl of soup to follow that all up just before bed, and the day is complete.

I watched a movie while eating dinner tonight, and it actually helped pull me through some low times I've been going through as of late in my personal life. I can honestly say that I'm feeling more whole and at peace with myself than I have for a long time. Kind of weird that this movie sort of parallels my life, not exactly, but close enough that it resonated inside me. Wow.

Anywho, Day Five meal costs:

  • Chicken and Veggie bowl: Bought by my dad (how generous of him!)
  • Bratwurst: 5 for $2.98, ate two for a total of: $1.19
  • Onion, small white: $0.38
  • Romaine Lettuce for salad: Free from my other work
  • Chicken breasts: $4.98 for 5, ate two for a total of: $1.99
  • Corn: one can @ $0.58
Things like Worcesterchire sauce, the butter for the corn, the garlic, and the dressing were all things already purchased previously and so the costs aren't factored in.

Grand total of Day Five meals: $4.14

Everything was fantastic, and I'm ready to get a great night's sleep. I honestly believe it will be the best I've had in some time.

Cheers, and thanks for reading!

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