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Friday, April 22, 2011

Day One - April 21st, 2011

Ok, so this is getting posted a bit late... like about 13 hours late. My bad.

So today was kind of boring as far as the food goes. I ate a pound of strawberries, a large pear, and four bowls of soup.

I also drank a good amount of water.

I know, not the quality of exposé you're used to, but I unless you want to hear about all my other exploits of the day... feel free to chime in if you do.

I felt really happy though at the end of the night. I was trying to hold off on snacking on more strawberries and was looking through the freezer and very nearly had some vanilla ice cream (low fat/cholesterol/sugar) but held off.

Another nice tidbit of news: I went on Wednesday to pick something up in Portland, and had the opportunity to try on one of the Portland Timbers replica jerseys in a 2XL size. The last time I tried there was no way I was going to fit into it. However, after two months of dieting and nearly 20 pounds lost I was able to squeeze into it (not skin-tight but not loose either). Progress!

It's kind of sad but that's one of the reasons I really decided to go gangbusters on the diet program, was to be able to fit into my jerseys again. The Timbers jerseys run small for some reason, because of the particular type of pattern and material adidas uses to make them, so for me to fit into one is a big step! Already I've noticed I have more waist room in my jeans, and am having to resort to a belt again to keep them from falling down constantly.

I'm hoping to keep up the good work. I'll know I've made really good progress when I get to the point where the 2X authentic jersey fits, because it's even smaller than the replica. But in all actuality I prefer the replica anyways, so when I can fit into an XL replica it will be a good day.

Thanks for reading, and hope that you'll give me some feedback! For those of you who want to, all you need is a Google account to be able to leave comments.


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