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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day Five - April 25th, 2011

Ahhhh, the day I most look forward to when I start the diet week. Steak day.

I took three bowls of soup with me to work today, and didn't eat at all until nearly three in the afternoon. I don't know if it was the better vegetables or what, but I didn't add any seasoning to the soup and it tasted great! I can't remember it tasting that good plain. Ever.

I was going to buy my steak from the butcher shop near my place, but it was closed, so I went to Fred Meyer instead. They had top sirloin on sale for $6.99/lb. I got the smallest one they had, which was approx. 19 oz, and then picked up a can of stewed tomatoes, sliced in half. I let the steak season for about a half hour with garlic, salt and pepper on both sides, being pressed by one of my cast iron skillets. Then I heated another up and started to cook it. Cooked it for 5 minutes on each side, and then put it on the plate with my tomatoes and went to watch the Blazer game.

The skinnier section of the steak was perfect, but then as I started to get further up into the thicker part of the meat it was too rare, even for me. So I reheated it for about 3 minutes on each side, covered this time, and it was perfect.

I'm probably going to have another bowl of soup before bed, but then again I might not. I'm still kinda full.

Thanks for reading! Cheers!

P.S. I'll get a picture of the steak up soon.

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