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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day Four - April 24th, 2011

Today is Easter, and frankly not an easy day to be on a specified diet program, but I've had to make due.

Woke up late so I didn't have anything to eat at all until about 4:30, when we were at Easter dinner with family. I had a cup of black coffee after the church service today, but that was all. When I got to the restaurant I knew I wasn't going to be able to stick with the skim milk and bananas most likely, and I was half right: they had skim milk. I had two glasses.

When the appetizers came, it was mostly fried foods: calamari, onion rings, and a cheese and veggie platter. The "veggie platter" consisted of celery sticks and carrot pieces, along with the cheeses, crackers, and a salmon pate.  So I had four carrot pieces and two celery sticks. My dad attempted to pass me one onion ring, but with some encouragement from my uncle I resisted.

When it came to meals, there wasn't much to choose from that would be diet friendly. I ended up with a Caesar salad with grilled chicken (the latter at my dad's urging). I devoured it.

Since I got home, several hours later, I'm extremely hungry, and I'm currently on my 9th banana in a half hour, with 5 more to go, plus I'm about a third of the way through a half gallon of skim milk as I type. I have yet to have any soup, but I'll have a couple bowls I'm sure.

On another note, I discovered an error on my initial weigh in. I was a bit dyslexic when I typed the entry, and so instead of an initial weigh in of 393.8 lbs., it was actually 398.3. After checking my spreadsheet, which is the immediate entry I make on the weigh-in, I have corrected both the first weigh-in as well as the pre-diet week weigh-in for Week 2. I also discovered that when entering in the pre-diet week weigh-in for this cycle, I mistyped the entry, adding .3 lbs. This has been corrected also. Current weight loss as of my weigh-in this morning, while unofficial, is 21.6 lbs., and has been updated on the header on the front page. Thank you to my uncle and my sister who brought this to my attention.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter.


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