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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week Seven Official Weigh-in

Week 7 - Official Weigh-in (post-diet week) 

Previous weight: 392.4
Current weight: 383.4

+/-: -9.0 lbs
Total weight-loss to date: 14.9 lbs

Not as great of results as I had hoped for, but any loss is a positive, and I'll gladly take it.

One thing that I think that I am going to do next time is only make a half-batch of the soup; I have about half of the full batch left over after the week. I just haven't been super hungry the entire week, and in the interest of not wasting the soup (which I will continue to snack on for a couple days, until it goes bad) I am going to only make about as much as I can eat in a week's time. If I need more, I can make more.

Thanks again for the support this week, everyone. It means a lot to me to have everyone rooting for me.


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  1. 9 pounds this week is pretty impressive! Keep up the good work :)