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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day One - February 11th, 2012

And the first day is in the books. Not really much to tell, honestly.

I woke up, went to pick up the battery for my scale, weighed myself, blogged about it, ate a couple grapefruits, ate a bowl of soup, went to work, ate an orange and a few pieces of meat (gotta keep up the protein right now, helps the muscles recover from rough soccer games), finished work, ate a bowl of soup, and came home.

Exciting, huh? Yeah, didn't think so.

So one thing I discovered whilst eating the grapefruits today was that they're a lot harder to peel than oranges are. The peel comes off easily enough, but the fuzz cover thing (yes, this is a technical term) isn't as easy to get rid of as it is on oranges. They also tend to burst easy while trying to separate pieces, getting juice all over.

I also discovered later that oranges that are kept in the fridge (or walk-in cooler, as the case was tonight) tend to be harder to peel, and the fuzz cover thing is as difficult as the ones on the grapefruits.

With the soup, the first bowl was some red Sriracha sauce, a sprinkle of sea salt, and some Garlic Gourmay Killer Cajun seasoning for flavoring, which was a great combination. The second bowl, however, was salt, pepper, and some red pepper flakes, and was really not that pleasant to consume (but I did it anyways).

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, mostly for the baked potato. But I have some asparagus marinating right now in some teriyaki and garlic, and some baby carrots to snack on. Looking to "enjoy" more soup tomorrow.


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