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Friday, October 7, 2011

Update - October 7th, 2011

Alright, well, the trip to Vancouver went well, and now I'm waiting for payday to start my diet week cycle. So next week. Looking forward to it. This will be the full original cycle, so it'll be great to have everything set to a schedule again for a change. After just eating (mostly) healthy for a while let's see how my body responds.

I've been getting a lot of feedback from readers, asking me how progress is going since I'm not continually blogging anymore. They have expressed their condolences to my parent's ongoing divorce, as well as related some stories of similar experiences. One friend in particular has told me to be careful, because this could cause me to start overindulging and actually gain back all the weight I've lost. I am being very careful. I have had days where I've eaten more than I should have, but also either immediately before or after has been a day where I've consumed very little. Neither is healthy, but it balances out. I am working to prevent that from happening though.

Of course, there's been a few people who have chosen to "encourage" me by trying to shame me for lack of effort. Hopefully these people understand that doing so is not a great technique, that it can lead me to feel like a failure and eventually give up. This would be bad. So please, if you're currently trying to do this, stop. Build me up instead of tear me down.

I recently saw a quote (which I unfortunately didn't save) that goes along with this last bit. It goes something like this: "I may be less than some people expect me to be, but there's more to me than you'll ever know." I'm probably not doing it justice, but you get the idea.

Thanks again for reading. I'll let you know when the soup is cooking and the week can begin!


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