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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day One and Day Two - October 27th and 28th, 2011

Well, for some reason it wasn't going to let me log in last night to post Day One, so here are both Days One and Two.

The morning began with the official weigh-in, where sadly the results were not very good. You can read about them there. Needless to say the day was off to a bad start. However, I made the best of it and packed my food for the day and went off to work.

There I ate one Gala apple, one pound of fresh blackberries (so fresh some of them weren't completely ripe!), and two bowls of soup. I added about half of a 1/8 ounce bottle of Tabasco for flavor, since I had forgotten to season the soup before leaving home.

Upon returning home, I ate another Gala, and then heated up another couple bowls of soup, this time adding some sweet chili sauce for flavor. A little too much tho. So ended Day One.

Day Two began on a much better note, as I had the morning off and was able to sleep in. When I finally woke up I wasn't very hungry, so I putzed around for a bit. When I finally did get hungry, I opened a bag of mixed raw broccoli, cauliflower, and baby carrots. From previous experience I knew the raw broccoli wouldn't go down well without something to moisten it so I had some water and also a small cup of lowfat yogurt ranch dressing. Between noon and 3:30 I finished the whole bag of veggies. The entire bag plus the dressing needed to make the broccoli palatable was approx. 425 calories.

I had to go to work at 5, but ended up being called in early. Working on the weekends, when I'm on the diet week anyways, is pretty difficult, because all the smells of foods I can't eat drive me crazy. Yet this is a test of willpower, and tonight I won it. I made it through the shift, and made my baked potato. It was a rather large one, and took forever to cook (having to even nuke it to finish, and it was still a bit raw). However, it was rather tasty.

I got home and was not very hungry at all, and as I finish the post I am still not hungry. I have yet to have soup today, and doubt now that I will, as it's 3am. I have soup at work that I can eat tomorrow, plus a whole half-full stockpot in the fridge. I have fruit and veggies for tomorrow, so I'm set.

Thanks for reading along. Sorry Day One was so late, but sometimes the Internet doesn't work right.


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