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Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 27th, 2011 - Official Weigh-in (pre-diet week)

Week 6 - Official Weigh-in (pre-diet week) 

Previous weight: 372.3
Current weight: 387.2

+/-: +14.9 lbs
Total weight-loss to date: 11.1 lbs

Ouch. May 28th was the last official weigh in, and despite eating healthy for the last several months, mixed with bike riding and walking (I won't lie and say it's been a regular schedule of exercise or that I haven't had unhealthy meals from time to time in this span) I have had a pretty big setback. I have had a couple of heavy meals (meats, rice, etc.) in the past 96 hours, so maybe that will have some effect on this weigh in, but we'll see how it goes. I knew I'd put a little back on, but it was fluctuating between 5-7 lbs for the most part.

Diet starts today. Let's get this back off again.

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