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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Days Four and Five - October 30th and 31st, 2011

Technical difficulties once again led to a delayed post, and a double post as well. I think it's my internet connection/provider. But I digress...

Day Four is always a turning point. My least favorite day by far, but I know I'm halfway through and coming into the two best days of the week by far (the ones with MEAT).

I woke up late, due to my escapades the night before and late arrival home, and got to watch my football game. Let's not talk about that, it didn't go well. During the game, however, I ate three bananas. On the way to work, I ate three more. That was the extent of the bananas.

Work was quite busy, and I was finally able to heat up my soup with about a half hour left in the shift, once things died down. I wasn't able to finish it all though, but it was probably two bowls plus, so if I left a half bowl behind I'm sure I'm ok. Just some salt and pepper for seasoning, because I couldn't find the Tabasco. Along with the soup I drank a quart of skim milk. I decided to cut my milk quantity in half for this cycle, and it turned out to be just the right amount. With several glasses of water throughout the rest of my shift, it was a good choice.

After work, came home and went to bed, dreaming of the pleasures of the next day!

Day Five began nicely, sleeping in a bit but not nearly as late as the previous two days. I blame my cat for that, as she would NOT let me stay in bed. After finally getting ready to do things I went to help my dad move some things to storage, then came home. I was not hungry at all until around 5. I went to pick up my paycheck and have dinner at work, whilst I watched the football game (as my normal Monday Night Football plans were cancelled) and ended up putting in a good 45 minutes of unpaid work in order for my cooking to not be in the way.

The steak this week was a Buffalo sirloin, lightly (too lightly, in fact) seasoned with Garlic Gourmay's Killer Cajun seasoning. As buffalo cooks much faster than beef, I put it in the oven on a grate for 4 minutes per side, and then seared the sides for another minute or so each (it wasn't looking done). The flavor was different, but the meat was nice and tender and juicy. However, I felt it needed a little something so I got a small container of bbq sauce and used that as an occasional dip. I also had one whole fresh sliced tomato as a "side".

After a bit I went to see "Army of Darkness" as it was playing at Kiggins for Halloween. I bought a bottle of water and checked out the new Marquee beer and wine lounge in the upstairs area; it's small but charming, the bar is styled to match the building, and they have a decent selection of beverages, but only three on tap. The movie was good, but I knew that since I've seen it many times. After getting home I popped open a can of stewed tomatoes and have enjoyed them while I type tonight's entry. A bowl of soup will follow shortly, before bed.

Thank you all for reading, and hopefully resetting my router will help with my connection issues. Otherwise it might be time to try using a new browser (not that I don't have another one installed already; just only used for my web development).


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  1. That's great man! Sounds like your eating well. What do you do for a workout?