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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Days Six and Seven - November 1st and 2nd, 2011

No technical difficulties this time on the delayed post, just an extremely tired young-ish man and his desire for sleep.

Day Six was a good day. I woke up, and headed in to work. I did not bring any soup with me because I had only one meal on my mind: chicken veggie bowl. It's basically a chicken rice bowl from a restaurant down the street, only the low carb option where they don't put rice and add more veggies. When I finally got my lunch I also added two side orders of teriyaki chicken. Good thing, too, because the chicken veggie bowl, which I get frequently, had about half of the normal amount of chicken on it this time. I slathered both the main dish and the extra chicken with spicy teriyaki sauce, and the main dish with a bit of Sriracha on top of it. Gotta love my spicy lunch; fuels the metabolism!

After that I went and helped my dad with some stuff, preparing for his move this weekend. I came home and relaxed for a bit, and had a bowl of soup. After a couple hours I started to feel hungry so I turned the oven's broiler on and let it heat for a bit, then opened up my two bacon-wrapped filets and broiled them. I also stuck in a foil packet of asparagus spears marinated in worcestershire and garlic. The filets cooked perfectly, but the asparagus, which I bought on Day Two and didn't use, was all dried out and was inedible. However, with the larger portion of veggies I'd had earlier I felt ok forgoing them. After a couple more hours I went to bed, as I felt incredibly tired.

Day Seven dawned, and almost immediately after waking I felt like just staying in bed. Not because I felt ill, but because it was so dang COLD! It was below 30 according to the thermometer downtown when I got to work just after 9:30... and it felt like worse as the wind blew. Eventually the sun came out and the temperature skyrocketed to the upper 50's. I didn't bring soup to work today either, and ordered a steamed veggie bento, with brown rice, from Hula Boy. I once again coated the lunch in spicy sauces; sweet chili on 1/3, jerk sauce on the middle 1/3, and spicy hot on the final 1/3. Mix it all together and it's a great meal. It also came with a small container side of marinated veggies. I admit I am curious as to what they marinade with.

After work I went and caught a soccer match at the local college, where the team is fighting for the league title, at the behest of some friends. Afterwards one of the organizers had offered to buy all fans who are part of the Timbers Army Northern Alliance (which I am) a round at the closest affiliate bar. Sadly, I couldn't partake, but I did have several large glasses of hot tea because I was cold! The sun had gone behind the clouds during the match and the wind blew pretty hard, so it got cold fast. While we were at the bar we got to watch the 2nd leg MLS playoff matches. Midway through the 2nd half of the second match, it was time to go watch my friend's teams up at Salmon Creek Indoor Sports Arena. A couple of good matches, the best so far for them.

Upon getting home just after 11, I made up some more brown rice, and enjoyed it. Some soup followed. And now that it's after midnight, I can have my Mint Milano :).

The week was a good one, but difficult at times. The smells of foods that I couldn't have were driving me crazy. The extra night dealing with them at work this past weekend didn't help much, nor did being at bars where they serve good food and good beers. But it was a good test of willpower, and I'm happy to say I came through with no issues!

Thanks for cheering me along this week! Weigh-in is tomorrow... hope it's good news!


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