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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Off-time update - June 9th, 2011

Well, I had been hoping to jump right back in to the diet but unfortunately life happens. A multiple near-death experience last week has caused me to be broke until next week.

I am preparing a new attack strategy for my diet. I've noticed a troubling (to me) trend in my diet results, and that is that the weight loss is starting to taper off after each week. I am doing nothing different, but the weight loss is less and less each cycle. I'm sure that if the cycles were more regular there would be more weight loss accumulated, but I suspect that it would still taper down.

I am discussing currently with friends who are personal trainers how to move this diet into a new stage. Confirmed already is the daily consumption of lean meats, such as chicken, to provide protein to aid in the muscle-building that my new workout regimen will be fueling. The soup will also be a staple of the program; however, it will be 2-3 bowls a day in addition to meals. I will once a month do the original plan as a "cleanse" of sorts as well. This creates an average of 3:1 in weekly cycles. If this confuses anyone, I'll explain it better for you.

I'm excited for this new phase. The results so far have given me quite a bit of personal joy, and I hope to keep the momentum going. 26+ pounds lost (since I don't know exactly where I started), dropping a pants size, having more energy, and gaining more confidence are some of the benefits of this whole journey. And of course, the support from you, the reader, is one of the most vital and appreciated benefits I've received. I couldn't have done all this without you.

Anticipating Wednesday of next week as the start of Phase 2. I hope you stay along for the ride. It should be a fun one!


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